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Text Box: versity. Posters presented by Mr. Horacio Gomez-Acevedo of the University of Alberta and Mr. German Crue of the University of Sao Paulo of Brazil was selected by a panel of three Scientific Committee members to share the $1000 prize. All posters was refereed and published on the website of the PIMS Poster Session on the Web during the conference.

	In addition to a major conference grant ($20,000) from the National Science Foundation (US), the Americas V also received funding from the University of Alberta, National Programs Committee, PIMS, and the Applied Mathematics Institute (U of A). The organizers also want to give their sincere thanks to Rachel, Jennifer and Scott at the general office, Shirley and Lisa at the PIMS U of A office for their tireless work for the conference, and to the following graduate students: Horacio Gomez-Acevedo, Greg Belostokski, Huamei Yin, Tingting Shu, Lingling Ma, and Wenxiang Liu for their help during the conference.

Text Box: 	The biennial Americas Conference series has served as a major venue for developing and maintaining communication and scholarly exchange among research groups in the field of differential equations and nonlinear dynamics in South and North America. The previous four meetings were held in Taxco, Mexico (1994), Aguas de Lindoa, Brazil (1996), Atlanta, USA (1998) and Mérida, Venezuela (2000).

	The 5th Americas Conference was dedicated to Professor Shui-Nee Chow of Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the founders and a driving force of the Americas Conferences series, and a world-renowned leader in dynamical systems, for the occasion of his 60th birthday.

	More than 120 mathematicians and graduate students, including 93 speakers from 15 countries, have participated the conference. The Americas V also marked the first major Canadian participation in this prestigious international research event. 

	At the conference, the G. J. Butler Prize was awarded to top poster presentations by graduate students at an Americas uniText Box: Americas V Conference, July 7-12, 2002
M. Li
Text Box: 	This year, on April 27 and 28, our department hosted the Second North-South Meeting of mathematics departments in the Province. The meeting started off on Saturday with 9 research talks in the afternoon by speakers from Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge, followed by a banquet at the Faculty club. On Sunday morning, four parallel panel discussions were held on north-south research collaborations, curriculum development in Engineering mathematics, research involvement of college mathematicians, and incorporating math fairs into undergraduate curriculum. A number of initiatives were proposed at these panel discussions (see a separate report).  

	Approximately 80 mathematicians from 10 campuses across the Province (Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, NAIT, Grant MacEwan, Red Deer, Grand Prairie Augustana Concordia, Mount-Royal) have participated the event. The large presence and active involvement of our colleagues from colleges is one of the successes of the event. 
Next year's meeting will be hosted and coordinated by our colleagues in Calgary.

	The event was sponsored by the Dean of Science (U of A), our Department, the Applied Mathematics Institute, and U of A PIMS site.
Text Box: The Second North-South Meeting
M. Li

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