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Text Box: 	 Each day the participants were given hands on experience running research-level numerical codes and they performed laboratory experiments. Both the simulations and experiments were designed to complement the lectures and so help students develop an intuition for fluid dynamics phenomena, how they are mathematically modelled, and how reliable approximate solutions can be.

Text Box: 	This year the Fourth Annual PIMS Fluid Dynamics Summer School ran from July 28 to August 9, 2002.  The summer school was fully attended by eighteen participants from Canada, England, Germany, and the United States.
Core lectures were given by:

	John Bowman (Turbulence Modelling),
	Andrew Bush (Climate Modelling),
	Peter Minev (Computational Fluid Dynamics),
	Bryant Moodie (Wave Theory),
	Bruce Sutherland (Stratified Flows), and
	 Paul Myers (Physical Oceanography)

	We were fortunate to have four invited speakers:
John Allen of the University of Oregon spoke on “Coastal Oceanography”; John Bush of the M.I.T. spoke on Geophysical Plumes”; Jean-Luc Guermond of L.I.M.S.I., University of Paris, Orsay spoke on “Large Eddy Simulations”, and Peter Rhines of the University of Washington spoke on Overturning Circulations in the Oceans and Atmospheres” and “Mountainous Flows in Rotating Fluids: Vorticity Dynamics, Form Drag and Induced Circulation”. 

Text Box: Fourth Annual PIMS Fluid Dynamics Summer School
B. Sutherland
Text Box: 	The International Conference on Filtering Theory and Applications was successfully held at the University of Alberta in Edmonton from July 25-27 and was concluded in Jasper, Alberta from July 28-30, 2002. This meeting was organized by Robert Elliott, Michael Kouritzin, Tom Kurtz and Hongwei Long with assistance from Shirley Mitchell.  The main goal of the meeting was to bring current problems and theory together, benefiting all researchers, especially those new to filtering theory. The four keynote speakers were: G. Kallianpur (University of North Carolina), T. Duncan (University of Kansas), Nicole El Karoui (Ecole Polytechnique), and Nick Duffield (AT \& T).  They are outstanding experts in their fields. Nearly 50 researchers from five continents presented their recent and most exciting research accomplishment in the conference.  

Text Box: Filtering Theory and Applications 2002
M. Kouritzin
Text Box: 	Since the conference was  designed to be a combination of science and scenery, we organized sightseeing events such as Edmonton Queen cruise, Maligne Canyon and Lake hike,  and the Miette Hot Spring swim. People continuing on to the IMS meeting in Banff also enjoyed the Columbia Ice fields and many other sites on the Ice field Parkway. People enjoyed very much the conference as well as the world famous attractions of Alberta.  We gratefully acknowledge financial support from PIMS,MITACS, MITACS-PINTS, the University of Alberta, and the Applied Math Institute of the University of Alberta that made the conference possible and successful.

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