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Text Box: Upcoming Colloquium Talks

Vladimir Chernousov invited by A. Pianzola.
Noriko Yui invited by J. Lewis
Gilles Godefroy invited by V. Zizler
Atanu Biswas invited by K.C. Carrière

Text Box: 	Colloquium Speakers in Calgary 

October 24/02  	- 	P. Zvengrowski
October 31/02 	- 	R. Nowakowski (Guy)
November 7/02 	-  	N. Sauer
November 14/02	-	M. Baaz (Zach Philosophy)
November 21/02 	-  	L. Bates
November 28/02	- 	A. Bogdanov (Blais, Geomatics)
December 6/02 	-	B. Watson

Text Box: 	We are trying to establish a connection with the University of Calgary Colloquium Series and exchange speakers.
	This is possible only if sponsors can be found for the expense of travel to and from the two cities.  If you have research type connections in Calgary, you can help by inviting speakers in your area.  Any suggestions to implement this are welcome.	We had one talk in September:  Professor Peter Loeb of the University of Illinois, visiting Eric Talvila.

Text Box: Colloquia and Seminars
E. Gombay
Text Box: follows.

     The best consultant is a person who:· cares about observers' opinions and seeks active participation from them is friendly towards everyone
· 	is patient enough to help clients meet their needs
· 	is knowledgeable and well-trained in theory
· 	has a broad background
· 	follows up with clients after a session to make sure the 	problem is solved and the client is satisfied with the 	solution.
    We would be remiss if we didn't also mention the other consultants in addition to the two award recipients, as they are all dedicated to the activities of the TCC. This new award is not so much a competition among TCC participants, but a way of fostering and improving learning experiences for everyone involved. 

	The TCC now has over 25 members, including student consultants and observers.  The Centre has grown so much that its monthly meetings are now being held in a classroom instead of in the boardrooms that were originally used. 

Text Box: 	On August 22, two senior and founding members of the Biostatistics Research Group's Training Consulting Centre (TCC) were pleasantly surprised to be presented with the first-ever "best consultant of the year" awards at a lunch held in CAB657. Xiaoming Sheng (PhD, 2002, and soon to join the University of Utah as an assistant professor) had been invited to be a guest at the regular monthly meeting, while Alexander de Leon (PhD, 2002, and now an assistant professor at the University of Calgary) had come to Edmonton to finalize the submission of his thesis. Neither recipient knew in advance that this award was to be given.

	This new awards program provides a plaque with the inscription, "Best Consultant: For Excellence in Consulting and Mentoring" and a $500 cash prize.

	It has come about because students have told us that they believe strongly in the benefits of the TCC and have therefore asked for more formal recognition of their involvement. 

	Each year, all TCC observers will be asked to submit their vote for the best student consultant (role models) from among those they have observed in consulting sessions. Although plans are to give one award each year, two awards were given this year to mark the second anniversary of the TCC. 

	The reasons the observers gave in selecting Alex and Xiaoming as the Best role model consultants are summarized as Text Box: Biostatistics Research Group
K.C. Carrière

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