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Text Box:   The Applied Mathematics Institute enjoyed seeing its support of several conferences noted during the Spring and Summer. This included the MITACS conference run by Mike Kouritzin, the Fluid Dynamics Summer School, the 5th American Conference on Differential Equations and Nonlinear Dynamics, and the annual   meeting of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society   (held in Calgary). 

  Dana McCallum has been busy getting ready to send out the first volumes of   the Canadian Applied Mathematics Quarterly to be printed in Edmonton.   She has cleaned up the mess in the subscription list which we received  from the Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium, and prepared the address labels and shrink wrap. These first back volumes should be arriving from the printer any day.  

  We are also expecting the first two numbers for 2002 to arrive from the Canadian Math Society Technical Editors in Text Box: Winnipeg, which will then be sent over to Quality Color Press for printing. Things have been slower than expected, we are still waiting for the 2 remaining back numbers to be tech edited in Tempe, Arizona (the last to be done by the Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium).  I hope by the new year we will be close to on time with subsequent issues. 

  The intention is to celebrate the first issues of CAMQ printed here with a wine and cheese and special meeting of the membership of the AMI, probably in November. At this time, I will ask the membership to strike a nomination committee for the next director, and in addition I will recommend that a small committee be formed to choose the path of development for the AMI. It is now clear that the AMI has a role to play, but it must also efficiently coordinate with MITACS and PIMS. This is certainly easy to arrange, once we decide on how to do it. Certainly industrial   liaison and  joint graduate degrees are two areas that Text Box: need to be explored. 


We are in the process of arranging a November presentation on PIMS and the 
AMI for the top people at Syncrude.  This is the kind of   liaison work that can make this department much more visible to industry in Alberta. 

Text Box: Applied Mathematics Institute (AMI)
J.W. Macki, Director
Text Box: one over-subscribed. Ted, along with Andy Liu, will host 650 children (mainly elementary, some junior high) at the next Math Fair in Dinwoodie Lounge in SUB on Tuesday November 5, 9:30 AM-2:30 PM. Do drop in to see it and prepare to be amazed.

Summer 2002: PIMS-supported activities here included
The First Mathematical Biology Summer School
The Fourth Fluid Dynamics Summer School
The Fifth Americas Conference on Differential Equations and Nonlinear Dynamics 
Filtering Conference Math Camp 

Upcoming: Along with U of C, the department will once again host the PIMS Graduate Information Week, January 7-11, 2003. This is our third round of hosting the information week where invited senior math undergraduates from across the nation come to learn of opportunities for graduate studies at the PIMS universities. Department members Text Box: Postdocs: Welcome to Chuong van Tran who has just joined the department to begin postdoctoral work with John Bowman. Chuong completed his PhD research on 2D Navier-Stokes turbulence at U of Toronto with TG Shepherd.
    Continuing PIMS postdoctoral fellows are Wen Chen with RQ Jia and Bin Han, Christina Cobbold with Mark Lewis and Roman Vershynin with Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann. 

Pi in the Sky: The current issue of the magazine is the excellent product that we have now come to expect from this award-winning team. Check it out for yourself at http://ua-mirror.pims.math.ca/pi/ or pick up a copy from the PIMS office in CAB 449.

Math Fairs: Ted Lewis produced the math fair booklet and it was printed by PIMS earlier this year; it promises to be an excellent resource for this exciting endeavor. Math Fairs is a very quiet but exciting success story with every Text Box: PIMS News
J. Muldowney, U of A Site Director

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