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Text Box: result, the current number in our programs is down slightly from last year (from 124 to 119), but this will very likely change next year when we attract some of the many new students that have arrived on campus into our programs.
	It was a good summer for undergraduate research in our department.  This summer the following students worked on NSERC Student Research Grants:
Andrew Hammerlindl, Sam Hillier, Remkes Koiistra, Richard Kublick, Julia Renouf, Steven Semenjuk, Richard VanWeelden, Stephen Wasylishen and Kerianne Yewchuk.
	This is an excellent program that is coordinated by John Bowman and the Honours Committee. 

Text Box: 	Welcome back to classes for Fall 2002-2003.
	If you have been reading the local newspapers, you will certainly have noticed that the university has an increased enrollment this year.  In particular, in mathematics and statistics courses the enrollment is up 13% in first year courses and 9.7% overall.  It is great to have the opportunity to teach more students, but this has created challenges for instructors.  Even though extra sections of first year courses have been added, our average section size is up over last year.  We hope to be able to reverse this trend to some extent next year.
	Last May was a great year for graduation in our Specialization and Honours programs. We graduated 35 students higher than in any recent year.  As a Text Box: 	We've had a lot of work to do at the beginning of the 2002-2003 academic year, as we had to meet a September 1 deadline for various awards. One of them was already paid off. We received the excellent news this fall: our nomination of Professor Wieslaw Krawcewicz's Pi in the Sky magazine for an ASTech Prize was successful.  Congratulations, Professor Krawcewicz!	Professor Krawcewicz wishes to thank all those who supported the high school mathematics magazine, including the associate editors, authors and readers. I hope for the continued success of this magazine, which will surely reflect positively on all of us.Text Box: 	As we approached another busy time, preparing the NSERC and SSHRC grant applications, our highly dependable assistant, Rachel Schofield, told us that she was leaving to take on a permanent position elsewhere at the university.  While wishing Rachel all the best, we found ourselves scrambling yet again this year. Fortunately, we met the highly organized 
Kirsten Gill, who has demonstrated exceptional skill in getting around all the small bumps in the NSERC web forms. Thank you, Kirsten, for your patience in answering each and every one of our questions. We appreciate you very much! 

Text Box: Text Box: Associate Chair of Research
K.C. Carrière
Text Box: Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies
B.N. Allison

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