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Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences     University of Alberta     Edmonton, Canada      T6G 2G1
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Professional Summary

University of Alberta, Mathematical Sciences
(July 2002 - present)

Associate Professor
University of Alberta, Mathematical Sciences
(July 1997 - June 2002)

Visiting Professor
Premier Class
Universite Paul Sabatier (France), Laboratoire de Statistique et Probabilities (February 2000)

IMA Industrial Fellow
University of Minnesota and Lockheed Martin
(Sept. 1995 - July 1997)

Research Associate
Carleton University, Mathematics and Statistics
(Jan. 1994 - August 1995)

Visiting Scientist
Universitat Freiburg, Institut fur Mathematische Stochastik
(Jan. - Dec. 1993)

Assistant Professor
University of Waterloo, Electrical Eng.
(Jan. 1991 - Dec. 1992)

Ph.D. awarded May 1991, Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Advisor: Professor Andrew Heunis

Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

Industrial Experience

Teaching Service Student Theses and Projects Education Research

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Have written eighteen review articles for the AMS Mathematical Reviews.

Edit and Contribute to the MITACS_PINTS Bulletin and Phase End Reports

Selection of Invited Lectures

1. `Hidden in the Noise: Tracking and Prediction in Complex Systems', Pattern Recognition and Prediction, CASCON2002, Toronto, October 2002.

2. `Workable approximations for stochastic reaction-diffusions', CMS Summer meeting, Laval June 2002.

3. `Continuous and Discrete State Filters', Workshop on Spatially Distributed and Hierarchically Structured Stochastic Systems, Organizers: D. Dawson, K. Fleichmann, A. Greven, A. Wakolbinger, CRM, April 2002.

4. ``Continuous and Discrete Space Particle Filters'', Particle Systems and Filtering Workshop, Paris VI, Organizers: Pierre Del Moral, Jean Jacod, and Rene Carmona, June 2001.

5. ``Particle Filters'', Probability Days, Carleton University, Organizers: M. Csorgo and D. Dawson, April 2001.

6. ``Particle Filters'', Workshop on Nonlinear Filtering Methods for Tracking, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton Ohio, Organizers = Stan Musak and Keith Kastella, February 2001.

7. ``Holder continuity in spatial processes'', University Paul Sabatier, February 2000.

8. ``A Perspective on Filtering Theory'', Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Arizona State University, Tempe, April 1999.

6. ``Weak invariance principles for parabolic equations with random coefficients'', Canadian Mathematical Society winter meeting, Kingston, December 1998.

9. ``Convolution in Filtering'', Technical University, Berlin, July 1998.

10. ``Arbitrary order parabolic stochastic partial differential equations with general Hilbert-space-valued noise'', Institute for Mathematical Statistics Annual Meeting, Park City, Utah, July 30, 1997.

11. ``Stochastic processes defined by parabolic equations with a small parameter'', The Second World Congress of Non-linear Analysts, Athens, Greece, July 16, 1996.

12. ``Parabolic equations with random coefficients'', {\em New Researchers in Statistics and Probability} meeting of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Kingston, Canada, July 7, 1995.

13. ``Rates of convergence and design considerations for on-line parametric inference'', Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada, January 25, 1995.

14. ``Law of the iterated logarithm results in sequential methods of statistical inference'', Statistics Society of Canada, Ottawa, March 4, 1994.

15. ``On inferring almost-sure invariance principles for linear stochastic adaptive algorithms'' in Workshop Uber Mathematische Statistik, Universitat Freiburg, Germany, July 3, 1993.

Additional invited lectures

McGill University, Montreal (2001)
MITACS Annual General Meeting, Toronto (2000)
International Conference on Stochastic Models, Ottawa (1998)
Mathematics Department, Wayne State University, Detroit (1997)
International Conference on Asymptotic Methods in Probability and Statistics, Ottawa (1997)
LORAL Defense Systems-Eagan (1996)
Electrical and Electronic Eng., Imperial College, England (1995)
Laboratory for Research in Statistics and Probability, Ottawa, Canada; Mathematics and Statistics
The University of Kansas, Lawrence; Applied Mathematics
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
Mathematics and Statistics, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Electrical and Computer Eng., University of Waterloo