Participation in the Program

Before the job

Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.

Fill out a Student Application Form and submit it to the Program Coordinator by the end of September. The information on the form will be used to do a preliminary identification of companies that might provide a good fit.

Prepare an Application Portfolio consisting of:

and submit it to the Program Coordinator by the end of September. We compile a booklet containing students' resumes which will be circulated to employers at their request.

Go to the informal Open House for companies, students, and Department members held in the fall term, usually in early to mid October.

As jobs become available, they will be posted under "Job Postings" at the left. If you see a job of interst to you, inform the Program Coordinator and also submit a new cover letter specific to the particular job so that your resume will be included with those that are provided to the employers.

If an employer expresses an interest in your resume, they will contact you for an job interview. At this point it becomes a negotiation between you and the potential employer. Before you go to the interview you may find it useful to go to the link at the left entitled: "Interview tips".

During the job

Once you accept a job, you must inform the Program Coordinator and provide a copy of the employment contract. In addition, while working you must maintain your status as a full-time student. This is done by enrolling in the appropriate WKEXP courses. Since this can usually not be done with Bear Tracks, fill in the WKEXP Application Form and submit it to the Program Coordinator who will ensure that you are properly registered.

At some point during the tenure of your employment the Program Coordinator, or designate, will visit with you and your employer on site to discuss progress.

After the job

In your first term back on campus you must register in either Math 400 or Stat 400. Your grade in these courses will be determined by a written report detailing your job experience and an oral presentation.

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