Program Highlights

The purpose of the Industrial Internship Program (IIP) is to afford undergraduate students from the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences an opportunity to gain some work experience before graduation.

Putting academic achievement to work, Industrial Internship Programs offer undergraduate students paid work experience in industrial settings. The placement through the Industrial Internship Program is for a continuous period of 8, 12 or 16 months.

The IIP provides benefits to all stakeholders. Students from Mathematical and Statistical Sciences have an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, see concrete, practical applications of principles learned in courses, and gain a realistic understanding of the professional qualifications industries need.

Employers have an opportunity to evaluate students as potential employees over an extended period of employment. The training and orientation invested in the students yield a return of solid research and development work. Additionally, the program can foster closer interaction between the employers and the university, making employers more aware of the educational opportunities and ensuring that the program is responsive to the needs of employers.
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