Code of Conduct

Participants in the Industrial Internship Program are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards both as people and employees. Everyone recognizes what a high standard of behavior means for an individual. There are obligations that an employee has to an employer that are equally important.

Many employers will have employees sign confidentiality agreements at the time of their appointment regarding such items as company information, ownership of the results of work, and conflicts of interest. Larger companies may also have policy manuals dealing with employee issues such as drug abuse, harassment, and petty theft. If you have any questions about signing a specific document ask for advice from the University Careers and Placement Service.

People participating in the Industrial Internship Program have an additional burden. How well they perform and the standards they maintain will reflect generally on the University of Alberta, and specifically on students in the Faculty of Science and the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. An intern's conduct will have a direct and immediate effect on the ability of other students to take advantage of the Program.

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