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The application fee is $100 CND (non-refundable). Students from exempt countries will have the application fee waived automatically. No other exemptions will be granted. For a list of exempt countries please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies Exemption List.

FUNDING (Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships)

Teaching assistantships in the Department are available to PhD and MSc Thesis based students. No separate application or request is required. Decisions on assistantships and duties are made by the Department; a typical full-time assignment will involve twelve hours per week preparing and conducting laboratory sessions associated with first and second year undergraduate courses.

Normally, this funding will continue for the period of the student's program, to a maximum of 2 years in the MSc program and 5 years in the PhD program, or for a combined total of 6 years in both programs.

*Course based MSc students are not normally admitted with a Teaching Assistantship.

Graduate salaries are reviewed and adjusted annually. The following are the latest figures of financial assistance from the department:

2008-2009 Student Income

(figures below are for a first year salary)

Program Per Term Total for Both Terms
M.Sc. Thesis Based  Teaching Assistantship   $7,562     $15,124
Ph.D. Teaching Assistantship $7,997 $15,994
Summer Research Assistantship
  (Approximate, Thesis based students only)
$5,000 (May-August)  


Although not guaranteed, the department strives to pay for the "International Student Differential Fee", for first year international students in Thesis-Based programs. The value of the "International Student Differential Fee" is approximately $1,800 per term.


MSc (thesis-based) and PhD students receive funding for the month of May from funds provided by FGSR (approximately $1000 depending on the funding available and the number of eligible students).  June, July and August funding is determined by individual supervisors.  Supervisors may or may not have funding available, and the amount given to students is dependent on the full-time research efforts of the student.

MSc (course-based) students may receive funding from their supervisors for one summer only for the months of May to August.  This is also dependent on the funding available and the full-time research efforts of the student.


Tuition and fees information is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website for Canadian/Permanent Resident students and International students.


For a single graduate student, living costs in Edmonton can range from $10,000 to $13,000 CAD per year. If you have a partner, you should estimate at least $4,500 in additional expenses if your partner is not a student and an extra $2,000 to $3,000 for each child.

These figures do not include tuition, differential fees, or other related academic fees.

For more details and a breakdown of these figures, see the 'Finances and Funding' section of FGSR's Prospective Student Guides.

    Please Note:

  • The above living expenses information is a modest estimate
  • Figures and totals are subject to change without notice
  • Total does not include tax, tuition or thesis costs

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